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In the Lab In the Lab

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

hmmm for the tiles...

could try using normal maps and reflection maps you make yourself in photoshop or GIMP by hand rather then in the 3D program, as bump mapping never dose tiles justice unless their straight edged and from a fair distance. Also a few other tips some friends told me which I'm willing to say in a PM and not tell the world as well, not sure you would know them or not. I really like the table texture.

Resident Evil ftw.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Again another nice model.

What I really liked about it was that you again got the proportions correct and had body in the metal, I've seen a lot of artists simply be lazy and don't put edges on small thin surfaces, I personally don't like doing that, everything needs body to it. I especially love the grating on the rubber/plastic connection and the embossed USB symbol bet there were the hardest to do. BTW do you use hypernerbs or do you do the smoothing by hand?

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Syringe Syringe

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Their right, it dose look "almost" real.

Sorry I didn't come back to look at the rest of your work till now, busy busy with other stuff, you know. (And on that note, should check out the rest of the portal at that). Love the shape and proportions of the models. Sorry for the rushed writeup.

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Bulb Bulb

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Interesting glass texture.

I really really like the glass textures here, the textures for the metal is your standard every day metal meh texture but still came out nice, I prefer the left over the right simply because it looks more fleshed out and furbished. Recently did some room renders where I wasn't happy with the lightbulb since I am new to 3D art, plus I don't know how to set up lights to ignore some models and not others so that I can shine a light out of a bulb. Would be nice to know. Nice glow texture on the filament. Which 3D program was used to make it and what rendering tools?

Well with the Q&A over with, back to my opinion, I can't really rate it since it's a question posed to other artists, but I'd give it a 9 for good measure since their excellent models regardless. And your right the screw looks a tad off on close inspection. But on first glance you don't notice it, I've seen bigger mistakes from people in the industry so don't be too hard on yourself (believe me it's hard not to be) :-P.

Little-Bacchus responds:

Thanks for the great feedback :)

You spotted the standard chrome metal I wasn't happy with that either. I use 3Ds max most and did for this one. All texture are standard ones (didn't want to spend too long in photoshop making some) just tweaked a bit like adding HDRI to the glass. I liked the filament but got overly bogged down with it and became a helix with way too many polys in it. As for the render it was mental ray and was about a 30 min render time (slow pc). Not sure what 3D program you use but a lot have lighting properties under the "object properties" that you want the light to ignore.

I could have played with bits of this forever but had to find a cut off and thanks for the 9 I may go back to it at some time and work out the screw thing but for now it is on to bigger and better things :)

Dr Rockso Dr Rockso

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very nice and scary as hell too

I like the way you made the character, the body is completely proportionate, well done, scary and funny, well mostly scary which is good and what you aimed for. Nice hair, love the hair textures the most, and nice use of texture mapping on the body. Cool and scary pose too. Go the chest hair! Like the reflections on the base too, makes it look very real. And the overall look makes it look like a real life figurine. Very well done.

I'd give it a 98/100, but since Newgrounds doesn't let me, I'd round it up for ya :-)

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