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End of the holidays here, and franky, it was boring really.

2009-07-19 12:06:48 by TrooperStomper

My mid year break as we call it here in Aus, "Brake" in a vain attempt to sound as un-American as possible, was uneventful at best, the highlights being, went to a very expensive dinner with a lady friend who I spent $15 on to buy her a cocktail which she let me have a bit, to be honest it just tasted like the most expensive baileys flavored milkshake I ever drank, and the overall dinner for $50 ahead was somewhat well in all honesty a waste of money, I ordered ribs, what a waste of time, all it was was bone with little amount of meat, infact I'd get more off a lamb chop for $5, decided to do it because I never had ribs before and now I won't likely have them again any time soon, waste of money that was. The highlight of that expensive night was desert which was very nice surprisingly, note to self, don't bother going to expensive BBQ restaurants.

The other highlight was going to visit my older sister and her boyfriend, went to see the museum of modern art in Sydney at the Rocks. Was a rather interesting an entreating endeavor, a lot of nice compelling and emotional photographs, aswell as some interesting artwork, its interesting what people consider art. I rather enjoyed a perspective silver photo of a cabbage leaf which in the photo it made it look like a silk dress, and a short real of shadows moving across the steps of the sydney opera house, the effect was very interesting and nice.

Well that's the holidays done, onto next semester of absolute annoyance and excusing trivial government funded TAFE courses as actual quality teaching, that's a laugh.

This time I have to do storyboarding, oh god... (I thought I did that already some where before, ah well), anyway as much as I love and loath storyboarding equally it is fundamentally important to all aspects of simply put the production of any media with a plot. And often if the storyboard fails, the plot slips and if the plot slips the story fails. Good storyboarding gives a good representation of the overall feel of a production. Yet I personally find the process of constructing a storyboard as boring as watching something render, and you get those little bursts of excitement from finishing each individual frelling keyshot, one after the other, like when rendering and you see the bar move down once and a dozen more pixels fill the screen and your glazed bloodshot eyes go "yay!", yeah whatever. In a nuttshell, wonderful when finished, the suck to work on.


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