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The Art Portal, and how I'm irritated at it. Also missed SuperNOVA <_<

2009-06-26 23:24:16 by TrooperStomper

I recently put up some art which a lot of my real life friends think is fantastic, but people feel the need to constantly scout 3D stills of chess sets, just a heads up to all the people scouting chess sets I thought according to the rules of Newgrounds people are not allowed to put up art'ings that are done using TUTORIALS! Or doesn't anyone read the rules? With so many chess sets all done in 3Ds Max I might add, just thought I'd give a heads up that there is a tutorial in 3Ds Max for chess sets. Also there are people listing 2D art as 3D art, please put your art in the right damn category people, drawn art isn't 3D art, 3D is sculpture be it real or digital.

Just something I needed to get off my chest.

On a better note, I'm uploading my Room Lighting Render today, I was never completely happy with it, mainly because I don't have a complete knowladge of the functionalities of Cinema4D but meh.

Anyway, Irritated that I slept in today and missed the opertunity to go to SuperNova, mainly my fault, ah well there is always next year.



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2009-07-11 09:15:40

The good old chess set lol I did that tut way back in 3Ds 3.1 I think it was... I just hope I have moved on from there now. Well a chess set is still better that the never ending run of silver balls and water made with Bryce (shudder)

(Updated ) TrooperStomper responds:

true true. I should come on here more often, I always get distracted with world building and facebook and playing games.

But your right about the silver balls and water, I mean... *sigh* Your right, at least some artists go to the effort of adding other content in with it and doing some rather nice textures I might add.


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